Firecracker 5k Signups!

In 1991, Club N.E.W (Nantucket Exercise & Wellness) opened its doors. A year later the Firecracker 5k was born thanks to Bob Laundry's passion for running and community. When Dave & Sandy Schulz purchased the club in 1999, they changed the name to Nantucket Health Club. However, they continued the tradition of the much-loved annual Firecracker 5k run.

Bob Laundry continues his passion for the Firecracker 5k, organizing the event and running in the race each year.

The race was created to bring the community together in a friendly competition and to encourage healthy lifestyles. Today, it brings together an island community as well as many travelers who wish to embark on a fun event that is as challenging as you make it! The race is composed of a 5k Run and a 5K Walk meant to be inclusive of all ages and skill levels. After making its comeback in 2022 after two years of cancelation due to COVID-19, we are counting down its return in 2024!

We'd like to thank all local sponsors and volunteers for making this event possible.

Stay tuned for more updates on the event date, location, and time!

Learn more or sign up for the race here!

WORKOUT WITH CONFIDENCE DURING COVID-19: The wellbeing of our guests and employees is our number #1 priority.